DeadYet? – Prelude/Intro/Trailer

Shot on Blackmagic Cinema Camera with a Xeen 24mm T1.5 Cinelens

B Cam – Canon 5Dmk3, MagicLantern RAW w/ Tokina 11-16 and Zeiss 35m Flektagon F2.4

– Col B.


Awaking Prophecy

Recently I had the chance to film the first video for Melbourne based Death Metal act ‘The Ophidian Ascension’. Making the most of Magic Lantern’s new raw capability, I decided to use it for the shooting and shot the whole production in a combination of 24fps and 60fps. All footage was captured on a 128gb KomputerBay memory card. Two versions are available below, YouTube and Vimeo. I recommend the Vimeo one if you want the true clarity and colour I selected as YouTube seems to mute some of the tones.

The Ophidian Ascension – Awaking Prophecy (Official Video) from Col B Cadell on Vimeo.

– Col B.