A Glimmer of Hope – Misery Signals Tour Diary Pt. 1

10 years ago I was introduced to the chaotic and beautiful sounds of Misery Signals (MS) by a close friend, Geordie. While others dabbled in melodic metalcore, MS chose to create and define a sound that is wholly and solely their own. The passion and emotion portrayed in their music was beyond that of many peers. I devoured it, imbibed it in a time of need. Honestly I was a pretty mentally messed up person when I first heard this and it helped me work through a near insurmountable number of conflicting feelings. Dropping 50+ kilograms, depression, and a few other things I won’t go into here.

Absent Light Tour 2014 - Australia

Absent Light Tour 2014 – Australia

Misery Signals - Adelaide, Fowlers

Misery Signals – Adelaide, Fowlers

Now a decade later I get to travel on the road with a band that has meant more on a personal level than any other. Invited by Vanguard Touring (Cam & Cosi) to ride shotgun on the tour which will be covering nearly every major state in Australia (Not WA in my case). All photos and videos, excluding instragram reposts, are the work of Col B Cadell Photo and Video. Misery Signals are joined by an incredible group of young musicians known as Stories (http://storiesaus.bandcamp.com/releases) from Sydney.

Karl, Misery Signals (Left) - Cam Gillard, Vanguard Touring (Right)

Karl, Misery Signals (Left) – Cam Gillard, Vanguard Touring (Right)

May 10th – The Espy

Flying into Melbourne is always such an odd experience to me, cold, wet, dry, hot; a million seasons in one day. Thankfully rain and grey skies were vanquished within hours of my arrival. Tonight is my first show of the tour, a personal favourite venue, The Espy in St Kilda, Melbourne. It’s a classic ballroom, on the foreshore of St Kilda beach. Wedged between streets of gluttony and an amusement park that offers more in the way of an abandoned asylum, than it does fun.

Luna Park - Melbourne May 12th

Luna Park – Melbourne May 12th

Luna Park/St Kilda - May 12th

Luna Park/St Kilda – May 12th

Palais Theatre, across the road from The Espy - Melbourne, May 12th

Palais Theatre, across the road from The Espy – Melbourne, May 12th

Melbourne is always rewarding. Friends live there, pour over coffee isn’t a foreign term, and the public transport works; compared to my native home – Queensland. This evening proved that point with MS playing to a packed and energetic room.

Misery Signals - The Espy, May 10th

Karl Schubach – The Espy, May 10th

Branden Morgan - The Espy, May 10th

Branden Morgan – The Espy, May 10th

Chaos - The Espy, May 10th

Chaos – The Espy, May 10th

To finally see them in action again was a sight to behold; reminding me why I fell in love with this music. It’s passionate, personal, and powerful without skimping on neither technicality nor rhythm structure complexities. One show down, lights out, exit stage.

Ryan Morgan - The Espy, May 10th

Ryan Morgan – The Espy, May 10th

Greg Thomas - The Espy, May 10th

Greg Thomas – The Espy, May 10th

Kyle Johnson - The Espy, May 10th

Kyle Johnson – The Espy, May 10th

Karl getting some air time - The Espy, May 10th

Karl getting some air time – The Espy, May 10th

Shortly after I began the drive to drop off the crew, band and gear at their accommodation (only 1km from the venue). This proved to be one of the most frustrating experiences of the tour and it was day one. I mean, I should probably be happy to have all the shit out of the way, but vans + trailers + one-way dead end streets do not make for a fun – nor happy – Col. That said, the Tour Manager (Matt –  check out https://www.facebook.com/blackholerecordingstudio) is always supportive and is one of the reasons Australia can have a thriving scene.

Matt Cook - Tour Manager

Matt Cook – Tour Manager/Legend

May 11th – Lilydale Showground (Break the Ice festival)

I caught up with MS and the crew at their accommodation after satiating my senses at a local eatery. Dosed up on coffee, fed, rested (sort of), we packed up and began our short journey to Lilydale Showground for day two of the Break the Ice Festival. Spread over two days (Saturday/Sunday) Break the Ice is about as legitimate a hardcore fest as can get. A surprise lesson in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Ryan was had in the carpark at the show which was a welcome addition to the day. I’m an avid Kettlebell advocate and have always been interested in BJJ so this was a nice introduction.

I’ll take this time to also introduce Craig (him and I pictured below) who even when dead tired fires in fine comedic form. This dude is an amazing human and was an awesome surprise and pleasure to have working the tour.

Day one was headlined by Ringworm (USA) and Australian hardcore legends Mindsnare (a personal favourite). Today was MS’s turn with a slew of other bands I had neither heard nor recognized. I’m not as versed in the hardcore scene in Australia being a metal head primarily but I will say this; Foundation are something special and you need to check them out should you get the chance. They reminded me of an amped up Mindsnare only considerably younger, which is a good thing in my opinion. The crowd responded accordingly, bringing one of the most violent and epic pits I’ve seen in some time. A few bloodied and broken noses, a busted knee and a knocked out girl later and they were done, truly a sledgehammer of the Australian hardcore scene and something to watch out for. MS took the stage after a slight delay due to an ambulance arriving to tend to the injured crowd member. Again proving what makes them so special in the hardcore/metal scene. Giving an energetic and fevered performance to cap the day off. Tonight ended like any other on tour, pack down, roll out, and pass out.

Ryan - Lilydale, May 11th

Ryan – Lilydale, May 11th

Misery Signals - Lilydale, May 11th

Misery Signals – Lilydale, May 11th

Karl - Lilydale, May 11th

Karl – Lilydale, May 11th

Kyle - Lilydale, May 11th

Kyle – Lilydale, May 11th

May 12th & 13th (off days)

The next two days (12th & 13th) were to be off days. Something I would use to edit and upload my first round of tour photos. Meanwhile, MS had a photo shoot at a barbershop in Melbourne, visited sites, and took in what the city has to offer.

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@ryannothing sprucing up his gash

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Get in the bin.

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Hysteria Magazine also gave us access to their Instagram. To be continued……


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– Col B.



Feed Her to the Sharks Live at Thriller, Brisbane – 30/11/2013
Song: Fuck Melbourne.
Album: Savage Seas (2013)

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All music played by FHTTS.
Recorded by Ean Redman
Mixed by Arin Ozdemir
Created by Col B Cadell Photography & Video:

– Col B

Awaking Prophecy

Recently I had the chance to film the first video for Melbourne based Death Metal act ‘The Ophidian Ascension’. Making the most of Magic Lantern’s new raw capability, I decided to use it for the shooting and shot the whole production in a combination of 24fps and 60fps. All footage was captured on a 128gb KomputerBay memory card. Two versions are available below, YouTube and Vimeo. I recommend the Vimeo one if you want the true clarity and colour I selected as YouTube seems to mute some of the tones.

The Ophidian Ascension – Awaking Prophecy (Official Video) from Col B Cadell on Vimeo.

– Col B.

A Million Dead Birds Laughed at Me

Another one of my recent videos for Melbourne based Grind/Death/Tech/Groove/Whatever masters ‘A Million Dead Birds Laughing’. If you haven’t heard their stuff before, then I highly recommend it. You can get both their albums for free (swing some cash their way if you love it) at the following address: http://amdbl.bandcamp.com

– Col B.