Shadow of the Colossvs

Here’s my latest for Melbourne act ‘Colossvs’. This clip was shot on the recent King Parrot National tour in which Colossvs were in support of. A huge thanks to Adrian Pagano and Wilson Bambrick my camera ops on the evening.

The following was captured using:
5Dmk3 w/ Magic Lantern Raw
Canon C100
Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera
Canon 7D
Canon 60D

Col B.

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Here’s my latest for the lads in A Breach of Silence once again. Amazing dudes and amazing performers! The following is the new video and some info from the label, with a little bit from me.

Vultures is a song about the struggles in life, and fighting through them”, states lead vocalist Rhys Flannery.“Whenever you feel like you are alone, regardless of how great the pressure, there’s always someone out there that’s willing to help. As hard as it may be, you’ve just got to search for them… there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.”  Guitarist Mat Cosgrove continues, “We talked about one of us having a real bad day, and someone worse off had helped us out of this situation and it really put things into perspective… So we came up with the story line of a homeless person who could easily take the wallet out of necessity to survive, instead goes out of his way to find the owner, and then saves his life.”

The video was directed by Col Cadell and shot in Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia. We used low shot angles, with the sky as a background to evoke a feeling of openness, and used high angle shots at the end when the homeless man rescues the businessman,” states Col. (from

– Col B.

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Time to hit things!

This is a dual play through with some trading 4’s to Hoedown by Zomboy with Mike Malyan and the extraordinary Troy Wright. They caught up at his studio while Mike was in Australia playing with Monuments at the Soundwave festival earlier in the year. I worked on the roving shots, colour correction and noise removal.

Very special thanks to everyone that helped make it happen:
Obviously Mike for suggesting this collab! Tim Braitling from Roulette Custom Drums Australia for lending that beautiful kit to Mike as well as manning and providing that awesome wide shot! Colin Cadell for that shooting roving shot and helping make this vid look lush! Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood from Periphery for mixing the audio, both kits sound massive considering how much spill we had in this room from both kits! And last but not least Adam Swan for providing moral support and helping with gaffer tape duties on the day! haha

This video was done in one take. We used 6 different cameras running simultaneously. Those were:

Wide Side Shot – Canon 5dMk2 16-35mm Lens
Roving Shot – Canon 5dMk3, Zeiss Lens
Troy Cymbal Shot – GoPro 3 Black
Mike Tom Shot – GoPro 3 Black
Both Over Heads – GoPro 3 Black’s

Here’s everyone links:
Mike Malyan:

Roulette Drums:…

Col B Cadell Photography and Video:



Troy Wright:

*Filmed and recorded at the Wright Drumming Studio Gold Coast, Australia. Video editing by Troy Wright

I proudly endorse Pearl Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Remo Skins, Promark Sticks, Shure Microphones and Hardcase Cases.
Full detailed description can be found here:

– Col B.

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Stuck and/or Dead Pixel Removal – Premiere Pro/After Effects

Hey everyone! I’ve created a new tutorial on how to quickly remove noise, stuck and/or dead pixels. Check it below, and if you like it please subscribe to my channel as more of them will be coming!

– Col B.

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