Entering the Tomb – Disentomb Live

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– Col B.

A Tribute to Cronenberg

The following are a couple of stills from my up and coming video for ‘The Levitation Hex’. Their an amazing metal band from Australia featuring members of Alarum, Alchemist and Aeon of Horus. More will come soon, but in the meantime…..








– Col B.

The Princess Bride – A Beautiful Day for a Wonderful Wedding

In late December I had the chance to photograph a lovely union in perfect Queensland summer weather. With the weather being so good we took to the Parklands at Gardens Point and the fun began.

The following shots were taken using:
Canon 7D
Zeiss Flektagon 35mm f2.4
Zeiss T*Planar 50mm f1.4
Tokina 11-16mm f2.8
Schneider Optics Filters
Genus ND’s

Wed-1-1 Wed-1-2 Wed-1-3 Wed-1-25 Wed-1-28 Wed-1-36 Wed-1-46 Wed-1-95 Wed-1-97 Wed-1-110 Wed-1-124 Wed-1-125 Wed-1-130 Wed-1-134