This week ends one life… begins a change

So this week is officially the last show I will perform with The Schoenberg Automaton….

So come along and make it an event to remember as I doubt I will be forgetting quickly at all:

I will post a little more once the show is over and I have had time to reflect because honestly I don’t know how I feel about all this right now… I know it’s been coming, but it doesn’t make it any easier.



On the business side of things Col B Cadell DOP/Photographer/Designer I am stoked to have a heap of great looking projects getting setup with my company. I will be working with the following artists over the next couple of months:

– Aversions Crown;

– Brazen Bull;

– Greenstreet;

– The Levitation Hex;

– Hadal Maw;

– A Million Dead Birds Laughing;

– Alarum;

+ more projects to be announced!


Thanks for sticking with me everyone… more news to come!

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